9Unicorns Commits $200M Fund to Back 200 Early-Stage Startups

May 16, 2024: 9Unicorns rebranded as 100Unicorns, has launched a $200 million Fund II, with an aim to accelerate growth of Indian startups to unicorn ecosystem with the potential for an additional $100 million green-shoe option. Startups can expect funding to range from $300,000 to $1 million in the first round, with the possibility of securing additional funding of $500,000 to $2 million from co-investors in subsequent rounds

100Unicorns is casting a wider net than ever before, aiming to empower a staggering 200 startups across a diverse range of sectors. This substantial increase in investment reach compared to their first fund translates to more opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs to secure the capital they need to translate their visions into reality.

9Unicorns Fund II Prioritizes Frontier Technologies and Geographies

9Unicorns understands that funding needs evolve as startups progress. Their approach ensures ventures receive the optimal financial boost at each critical juncture. Further to the initial investments there is a potential for subsequent rounds of $500,000 to $2 million alongside co-investors. This stage-specific strategy ensures your startup receives the targeted resources it needs to navigate each growth phase effectively.

100Unicorns recognizes that the future belongs to those who dare to push boundaries. While they remain sector-agnostic, they’ll be keeping a keen eye on disruptive industries like space technology, biotechnology, electric vehicles, and clean technology. If your startup is pioneering solutions in these areas, 100Unicorns could be the ideal launchpad to propel your venture into the stratosphere.

Tailored Investments for Growth Stages: 85% of 100Unicorns Fund II will be deployed in India and the rest 15% will be disbursed across the US, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Their commitment goes beyond simply providing capital. 100Unicorns boasts a proven track record of identifying and nurturing winning ideas. Their inaugural fund wasn’t just a source of funding – it was a mission control center.

They meticulously reviewed over 14,000 startups and successfully invested in more than 140 ventures. Industry leaders like VideoVerse, TruNativ, Zypp, Renee Cosmetics, and IGP stand as testaments to their ability to empower promising startups and shepherd them towards success.

100Unicorns goes beyond traditional venture capital models. They actively promote inclusivity within the Indian startup landscape. Their portfolio reflects this commitment, with a noteworthy 12% of their investments dedicated to deep-tech ventures, 22% led by female founders, and a commendable 20% established in smaller towns outside the metropolises.

This focus on diversity ensures a well-rounded and future-proof ecosystem that fosters innovation from all corners of the nation.

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