Chronicle Raises $7.5Mn to build a new core team and accelerate product development

Chronicle, a company with offices in San Francisco and Sydney, revealed today that its seed round raised $7.5 million from Accel and Square Peg.

Accel and Square Peg along with a team of angels from Apple, Google, Meta, Slack, Stripe, Superhuman, OnDeck, and Adobe have backed Chronicle to build a modern format of presentations that enables anyone to create stunning and impactful presentations without any design burden.

By launching the firm in 2021, Mayuresh Patole and Tejas Gawande hope to revitalise presentations over the coming few months, whether they be for employees to submit a report or students to present their papers.

The funding will enable the team will be able to develop the core team and deliver the product to its beta testers thanks to this fundraising effort.

Chronicle makes presentations impactful, interactive

By using Chronicle, our early adopters may construct some of the greatest decks in just eight minutes as opposed to eight hours.

We are making a completely new way to make impactful, interactive presentations that are effortless to create. Creating presentations on Chronicle is completely different from hours of pixel pushing. Instead of spending hours tweaking slides, Chronicle allows users to create with ‘pre-designed blocks’ – Mayuresh Patole and Tejas Gawande, Chronicle

According to the startup, the founders utilised their platform to create an investor pitch deck that got Shekhar Kirani’s attention at Accel. By eliminating pixel-pushing and slide-tweaking, the company enables users to construct their stories using “pre-designed blocks.” Furthermore, it provides a foolproof creative experience with layouts created to resemble the iPhone’s widget arrangement.

“Chronicle is reinventing narrative. The team is fixated on finding a solution and creating meaningful story creation that is enjoyable as well as bearable “Shekhar Kirani, a Partner at Accel, said.

“A multinational, remote-first team led by Mayuresh and Tejas has been formed with the goal of resolving the urgent problems that impede people from telling their greatest story, both sync and async.

The slide format was created in the 1980s to design overhead projector slides. 40 years later, the way we work has completely transformed but we are still stuck with this slide format. Not only is it extremely time consuming and tedious to make great presentations, the affordances of this format make it extremely easy to make bad presentations.

Today, Chronicle is announcing a new storytelling format to revolutionize storytelling.

The round also saw the participation of angel investors from Apple, Google, Meta, Slack, Stripe, Superhuman, OnDeck, and Adobe, among others.

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