Dvara KGFS secures $10M to enlarge financial services in remote rural India

May 24, 2024: Dvara Kshetriya Gramin Financials (Dvara KGFS) has secured $10 million in debt to further increase access to it’s financial services in remote rural India.

Dvara KGFS’s success in delivering financial services to even the most remote rural areas is underpinned by a sophisticated technology that includes a Customer Management System (CMS), Core Banking Solution (CBS), Biometric Verification Process and Centralised Audit System.

“The company aims to grow by 40% in the current financial year, and exploring various avenues of raising liquidity will be critical to ensuring of a well-diversified resource profile,” said LVLN Murty, Managing Director & CEO of Dvara KGFS.

“Our increased partnerships with like-minded foreign funds working in the impact space will be instrumental in expanding our reach and empowering even more underserved communities by providing them with access to critical financial services,” he added.

Dvara KGFS financial services gains momentum

The Rural focused financial services company investment was secured through the issuance of listed non-convertible foreign currency bonds under the External Commercial Borrowings route. These bonds are listed on the India International Exchange in GIFT City, Gujarat

“By listing its debt on the India International Exchange, the company also gains visibility to the fast-evolving international debt market, thereby securing sustainable access to lower-cost debt and allowing us to maximize our impact on rural communities,” said Shilpa Bhatter, CFO of Dvara KGFS.

Dvara KGFS is a medium-tier NBFC that provides loans and other financial services to more than 2.41 million customers in rural India. It takes an omni-channel approach and operates over 400 branches across 110 districts in 10 states.

The latest round of investment was raised from global impact investor, BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund.

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