Indian Security forces to get homegrown anti-drone tech – Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday said Indian security forces will soon be armed with indigenous anti-drone technology to counter the growing threat from from the country’s borders. He was speaking on the occasion of the 57th Raising Day of the Border Security Force (BSF).

He further said, the Indian Government is committed to the border security, national security and has chalked out well laid out strategies to provide the finest border guarding technologies in the world.

BSF Raising Day function is being celebrated at the border for the first time since 1965. The security of 4,165 km long Bangladesh border and 3,323 km long Pakistan border is the most difficult, but the BSF with 193 battalions and more than 2 ,65,000 soldiers has protected these borders very well

“A country can prosper and move ahead in the world when it is safe. You ensure the safety of the country… Always remember that by guarding the borders you are ensuring the safety of the country and providing a platform to it globally,” Amit Shah told the BSF personnel.

“The Government is committed to help thwart threats from drones. BSF, DRDO, and NSG are working to develop an anti-drone technology. I have complete faith in our scientists that we will be able to develop an indigenous anti-drone technology soon,” he said adding since 2014, the Modi government has given special thrust to border security.

To fill vacancies in the BSF, the government has recruited 50,000 jawans and their training has commenced – Amit Shah

Amit Shah at BSF Raising Day
Union Home Minister Amit Shah at BSF Raising Day – Image Courtesy PIB

“Wherever there were attempts of incursion on the borders, attack on security forces and CAPFs, we have ensured immediate retaliation.

India will guard its borders with all the might and strenght it possess. We  have also ensured that no one can take our borders or soldiers lightly. The central government under (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi ensured a strong retaliation in the form of surgical and air strikes after Uri and Pulwama attacks, respectively. The entire world appreciated this action,” he said.

“The road construction budget for border areas was Rs 23,000 crore during 2008-14. Between 2014 and 2020, the Modi government increased the budget from Rs 23,700 crore to Rs 44,600 crore. This shows the commitment of the Indian government to improve the border area infrastructure,” he said.

The Border Security Force and all our CAPF jawans together have not only planted about 2.5 crore trees within two years, but have also worked to see that all the planted trees grow by providing them total protection

Since 2014 under the leadership of Shri Modi, the government has taken the security of the country’s borders with a different kind of seriousness and efforts have been made to retaliate immediately wherever there is an attack on the Border Security Force or any CAPF jawan where an attempt has been made to encroach our borders.

Shri Amit Shah said that the countless gallantry medals and police medals received by the Border Security Force are a testimony to them being a unique force in border security. There is no medal to honour gallantry, your gallantry itself is a medal for the entire nation. These medals given by the President and the Prime Minister are not only for the BSF and its 2,65,000 personnel but will also be a source of inspiration for thenation. During Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s time an important decision was taken with regard to the protection of our borders – this was one country, one force, that is, there will be only one force on the different borders of the country. The toughest borders were selected for the BSF at that time, which is justified. The Bangladesh border of 4,165 km and the Pakistan border of 3,323 km. The security of these two borders is the most difficult, but this force of more than 193 battalions and 2,65,000 personnel has protected these borders very well.

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