Murf ai secures $10M for AI Voice Generator innovation, market growth

Murf ai has raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by Matrix Partners India, with participation from existing investor Elevation Capital.

Murf intends to use these funds to accelerate R&D, scale its footprint in targeted geographies, and further drive product innovation. Along with additional product advancements, the funding will be used to enhance the capabilities of Murf‘s essential synthetic speech technology, grow its voice library, and increase the company’s global presence.

“Synthetic media is poised to become omnipresent in the near future and voice is at the core of it. At Murf, we continue to make advances in our speech technology to bring the diverse abilities of talented voice actors at our customers’ fingertips through AI,” said Ankur Edkie, Co-Founder and CEO, Murf AI.

According to Murf, their AI-enabled TTS can monitor and absorb a significant quantity of contextual data to provide a pertinent response. The voiceover can be synced with the graphics and music by using the AI voice generator to add images, videos, and background music. Additionally, the platform provides essential tools for IPA-based smart pronunciations, voice customizations that let users alter pitch, pause, emphasis, and speed, as well as the capacity to duplicate voices.

“Murf, with their stellar founding team and unique IP, is perfectly poised to gain a leadership position in this space. Their execution prowess and tech-first focus is evident in the solid traction and growth that they’ve demonstrated so far,” commented Mukul Arora, Co-Managing Partner, Elevation Capital.

Murf streamlines the production of natural-sounding voiceovers for businesses using AI. Users of the company’s AI-powered SaaS application can give their content realistic voices. The platform has a voice for every creator across all industries, from L&D, educators, authors, and podcasters to animators, product developers, YouTubers, freelancers, and corporate trainers.

Murf ai is rapidly expanding footprints globally

The startup’s curated voice library of 120+ realistic sounding AI voices in 20+ languages, is ideal for those on a tight budget who want to create voiceovers at scale. Murf’s geographic footprint spans worldwide, with 80 percent of its customers coming in from the US, Canada, and EU regions.

This new round also saw participation from prominent angel investors including Ajay Arora, SVP Product, Disney Streaming; Ankit Bhati, Founder, Ola; Ashwini Asokan, Founder, Mad Street Den; Pushkar Mukewar, Founder, Drip Capital; and Yamini Bhat, Founder, Vymo.

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