Orkes Raises $20M to Build and Expand Distributed Applications

Feb 22: Orkes, orchestration platform for developers has raised a $20 million Series A round from new and existing investors. The company stated the funding validates its significant growth since initial launch, as well as the continued importance of the Conductor open-source community.

“This new round of funding will help us do even more to empower our customers and bring the power of Conductor to even more teams. This includes accelerating execution of our product roadmap to make it even easier to build and orchestrate complex applications, investing further in developer experience, and supporting the popular Conductor open-source platform and community with more resources.” Jeu George, CEO and Co-founder of Orkes, said.

“We are grateful to our investors for joining this next chapter of our journey as a company. Nexus Venture Partners led our Series A round as a first-time investor in Orkes. We are thrilled that Abhishek is joining our board as part of Nexus’ investment and officially becoming involved in our course of business. This milestone would also not be possible without our longtime investors Battery Ventures and Vertex Ventures US, who we are excited to share also participated in this funding round.” Jeu added.

Orkes Maintains Consistent Growth Trajectory

Orkes team are leading the creation of one of the most interesting categories in software infrastructure. Orkes offers the fastest way to scale distributed systems across microservices, APIs, AI models, and event-driven architectures for any language, framework, and level of complexity.
Orkes is loved not only by developers, but also large enterprises such as United Wholesale Mortgage and Foxtel. Orkes’ adoption doesn’t depend on writing code. Its no-code interface, easy set-up, and fast time-to-value make it immensely popular with organizations globally! – Abhishek Sharma stated

In the past year, Orkes has experienced rapid customer growth and has won large multinational customers such as United Wholesale Mortgage, Foxtel, and up-and-coming startups like Collective which includes Businesses across industries including banking and insurance, entertainment and media, healthcare, and more.

Thousands of organizations and Fortune 100 companies on open-source Conductor project are actively maintained by Orkes, including Atlassian, Tesla, Oracle, American Express, GE Healthcare, and government agencies like the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Justice.

The company claims to be an important partner in the critical application infrastructure underpinning digital companies in virtually every industry.

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