Relux Electric to Rev Up EV Highway Secures ₹250Cr for Hyper-Charging

May 12, 2024: Relux Electric, a leading EV charging infrastructure company, has set an ambitious plan to establish hyper-charging stations that will offer rapid charging capabilities, to fuel its expansion plans , the firm has successfully raised ₹250 crore in funding.

“This funding is a game-changer for Relux Electric,” declared Dr. Karthikeyan Santharam, Managing Director and CEO of Relux. “We plan to leverage these resources to establish 20 hyper-charging stations along key highways in South India within the next eight months.”

Beyond Cars: Relux Targets Fleets & Businesses with New Charging Unit

Relux, established in 2009 and a pioneer in the Indian EV charging sector, currently operates over 100 charging stations catering to private vehicles on national highways. This new funding marks a significant step towards their vision of a comprehensive EV charging network.

The upcoming hyper-charging stations will be strategically located on busy highways like NH 44, NH 45, and NH 556. Each station, occupying approximately 1 to 1.5 acres, will boast the ability to simultaneously charge a diverse range of vehicles:

  • Up to 10 small to medium-sized cars
  • Up to 10 high-end cars
  • 2 buses
  • 1 truck
  • Fast Charging and Added Conveniences

“Efficiency is key,” Dr. Santharam emphasized. “These hyper-charging stations will offer rapid charging capabilities, enabling three-wheelers to be fully charged in just 10 minutes and four-wheelers in 18 minutes.”

But Relux Electric isn’t just focused on speed. Recognizing the need for a holistic travel experience, the company plans to integrate shopping amenities and eateries into these stations, providing a convenient pit stop for EV drivers.

Relux Electric aims for Expanding Beyond Highways

Relux Electric
10-Minute Charge, Pan-India Dreams : Image Relux Electric

Relux’s vision extends beyond highways. They aim to establish a dedicated business unit to cater to the growing demand for charging solutions from fleet operators and commercial EV owners. This unit will explore partnerships with residential and commercial complexes, fleet operators, and travel agencies to strategically place charging stations in high-traffic areas.

10-Minute Charge, Pan-India Dreams

Buoyed by this successful funding round, Relux Electric is actively seeking further investment to fuel an even more aggressive national expansion strategy. This commitment positions them as a frontrunner in shaping the future of EV infrastructure in India.

This fresh round of investment, raised from a consortium of private real estate and infrastructure investors, utilizes a revenue-sharing model, allowing Relux to expand its network without diluting equity.

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