Trampoline Secures $5M to Launch Innovative Home Decor Line

July 13, 2024: Home decor Trampoline, has secured a seed round of $5 million to fortify its supply chain and sourcing strength, invest in new product development, and build the right talent to accomplish its growth mission.

The startup founded in December 2023 by Abhik Ghosh, Anushka Mahanti, and Varun Deo, provides independent retailers, interior designers, and wholesalers access to ethically manufactured products at minimal order size, with a gradually rising margin, credit arrangements, and robust logistics and delivery experience.

Post its launch in the United Kingdom in February this year, the company claims it has recorded promising demand across consumers in the UK, with over 1,500 units ordered in the first few months. Customers, including independent retailers and interior designers, have found it enriching with Trampoline’s mission to fill the lacuna between their stores and manufacturers, said the company.

Trampoline to invest in talent acquistion and market growth

Abhik Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Trampoline says, “Trampoline’s tech play aims to provide independent retailers the data and personalisation to efficiently curate for their stores, while equally deploying tech enabled QC/QA (quality control/quality assurance) and supply chain solutions for our manufacturer partners.”

“With a strong customer backward design sensibility and a fully digitised supply chain, Trampoline is uniquely positioned to solve for key pain points around discoverability, quality and reliable supply of products, for home decor retailers globally,” said Sudipto Sannigrahi, Managing Director, Matrix Partners India.

Anjali Sosale, Partner at WaterBridge Ventures, said, “Trampoline dismantles traditional barriers to scale – heavily intermediated supply chains, opaque pricing, and lack of quality assurance – and enables independent retailers to diversify their supplier base and access exclusive product catalogues. India is one of the world’s largest exporters of home decor products, exporting over $10 billion annually and predominantly led by SMEs. Trampoline provides these SMEs with access to global demand through its full-stack, design to delivery approach.”

The seed round was spearheaded by Matrix Partners India and WaterBridge Ventures, with investment from Alteria Capital with an additional $2 million in venture debt.

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