Bengaluru floods cause turmoil in businesses, corporations, and workplace life

Bengaluru floods cause turmoil in businesses, corporations, and workplace life

Bengaluru floods continues to be devastate the garden city. The rain water flooding has caused loss of lives, loss of properties, and more so heavy burden has been bestowed on startup, companies and their employees.

Unacademy founder and CEO Gaurav Munjal took to Twitter on Tuesday (August 6) to share how his family was being evacuated on a tractor after heavy rains submerged several localities and apartment societies in Bengaluru.

“Family and my Pet Albus has been evacuated on a Tractor from our society that’s now submerged. Things are bad. Please take care,” his post on the social media platform read.

Arjun Mohan, CEO of upGrad, told a publication on Monday (August 5) that he had to take a tractor to reach his office while the Bellandur area in south Bengaluru looked like an island.

Bengaluru Floods: The innovation hub devastated by rain, floods

While Bengalureans almost always take pride in the soothing climatic conditions of the city, the current situation is quite the opposite, with people across the city, including startup founders, employees, and IT professionals, complaining about poor infrastructure.

Bengaluru Floods : the global technology hub deep in rain water

Bengaluru has been devastated by the heavy downpour and are finding no respite – acroos streets, commercial and residential areas. The Outer Ring Road Companies Association, which represents startups and corporate businesses with a combined revenue of $22 Bn and employing over 10 Lakh people, wrote to Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai last week complaining about the difficulties being faced due to rains and water logging.

Flooding in the area on August 30 led to a loss of about INR 225 Cr as staff were stuck on the road for over five hours, it said.

“Even though only 30% of ORR (Outer Ring Road) population has returned to working from office, the collapse of the infrastructure has drawn global concern on the city of Bengaluru’s ability to handle further growth,” the association’s letter to the CM said.

Ishaan Mittal, managing director of venture capital (VC) firm Sequoia Capital, also took to Twitter on Tuesday to share his unpleasant experience.