Ema Secures $25M to build newer AI solutions for workplaces

Ema, a developer of AI solutions for enterprises, has raised $25 million in funding for advancing artificial intelligence (AI) to transform enterprises and to build a more collaborative and fulfilling workplace.

The startup has launched an AI solution for workplaces, called Universal AI Employee, to perform complex tasks across domains to enhance tech adoption and productivity. Designed to replicate the capabilities of a human employee, the solution can perform tasks such as engaging in conversations, comprehending context, taking continuous human feedback, reasoning, decision-making, and collaborating with human employees on difficult projects.

The solution is a single platform that integrates with other enterprise applications, significantly reducing the time and effort required for onboarding new technology, it added.

“Our mission is to transform enterprises and help every employee to work faster with the help of simple-to-activate and accurate AI employees. We are delighted to emerge from stealth with the support of blue-chip institutional investors, renowned angels, multiple customers and an incredible talent pool of machine learning engineers,” said Surojit Chatterjee, Founder and CEO of Ema.

“We are just starting on a journey that will change how humans and synthetic intelligence interact to build a more collaborative and fulfilling workplace,” Chatterjee added.

“GenAI has the potential to unlock unprecedented efficiency in enterprises, which CXOs globally have very well recognised. To actually enable it at scale will require collaboration between human and AI employees. In our company, we automate complex enterprise tasks with simple conversations,” said Subrata Mitra, Partner at Accel.

“The outstanding team driving the firm’s innovation is led by a visionary founder, who I’ve known for nearly a decade. We’re excited to back this team in their pursuit of innovation,” added Mitra.

Ema represents a new category in the GenAI

Ema’s technology, according to the firm, represents a new category in the GenAI space by offering the flexibility of a horizontal platform and the high value of a vertical application. A generative workflow engine powers Ema’s AI employees, known as ‘personas’, enabling them to create new workflows by breaking down problems into subtasks based on conversational descriptions. TheseAI employees possess long-term memory capabilities that allow them to receive feedback from human users and continuously improve their performance.

Envoy Global, TrueLayer, and Moneyview are some of the enterprises that have onboarded Ema’s personas instead of building new GenAI applications. To combat the challenges of hallucinations, the firm’s proprietary ‘fusion of experts’ model, named EmaFusionTM– which exceeds 2 trillion parameters—combines over 30 public language models, including GPT 4, GPT-3.5-turbo, Claude 2.1, Gemini, Mistral-S, and Llama2.

The funding round by Ema was raised from Accel, Section 32, and Prosus Ventures. Other participating investors include Wipro Ventures, Venture Highway, AME Cloud Ventures, Frontier Ventures, Maum Group, and Firebolt Ventures. California-based Ema, short for Enterprise Machine Assistant, was founded by Surojit Chatterjee, Souvik Sen, and Swati Trehan.

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