Jellysmack Indian Content Creator Base to Grow 5x by End 2022

Jellysmack to Onboard Indian Content Creators in a Big Way

Jellysmack, the global creator company has revealed a major growth plan for India. As part of its India expansion strategy, the company will expand its India creators Programme to onboard more local influencers. Furthermore, it plans to content licensing feature to India to create more stakeholder engagement and add more content to its library.

In a report audience measurement firm Tubular Labs, mentions the content of Jellysmack-managed creators has raked up to 10 Bn in global monthly video views. The creator-focused firm has so far onboarded as many as 500 influential creators from across the globe including PewDiePie, Bailey Sarian, Brad Mondo, Karina Garcia, among others.

Jellysmack has a content licensing programme that uses AI technology to predict YouTube revenues of content creators over the next five years and licences a fixed number of videos with a given creator.

Founded in 2016 by Michael Philippe, Robin Sabban and Swann Maizil, Jellysmack optimises, operates and distributes creator-made video content to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

Once it has acquired the rights to license a particular content, Jellysmack then creates parallel revenue streams to monetize it. The company operates on a revenue share model. It generates money by marketing and monetizing the content on social media platforms, which is later used to generate ad revenue for the content-creator company.

Jellysmack to launch ‘Catalogue Licensing’ Model to Youtubers in India

The company also aims to launch ‘catalogue licensing’ model to its top 20 YouTubers in the country by the end of the year. With this strategy, Jellysmack could rope in more creators to join its programmes.

Extending financing to its creators in lieu of catalogue licencing is on the cards. Under the business model, Jellysmack will extend loans, in the form of lump-sum amounts of money, to its creators.

Jellysmack’s India Head, Vipasha Joshi says, “The creators, at times, need upfront cash infusion to take their brand to the next level or even for common needs like scaling content creation, hiring additional team members, launching new business ventures, or securing studio space. The programme enables creators to raise money without giving up any equity in their intellectual property or brand.”

While many creators are expected to use the funds for common needs like scaling content creation, hiring additional team members, launching new business ventures, or securing studio space, creators can use the capital for anything they choose. Additionally, the company does not participate financially in any newly uploaded YouTube video content. This non-dilutive design allows creators to remain fully independent and at the helm of their burgeoning enterprises.

Earlier in January this year, the company had announced a $750 Mn fund to fuel its global expansion. Since, then it has entered key key overseas markets like Brazil, Australia, UK, Germany and Mexico.

The company has already have signed on 22 creators so far, Joshi added claiming that Jellysmack intends to take the number to 100 by the end of 2022. The company has so far onboarded automotive content creator Faisal Khan and YouTuber Nischay Malhan who go by his moniker ‘Triggered Insaan’. 

Other popular personalities on its rolls include popular YouTubers like Shivshakti Sachdev and Ishita Khanna and Kanak Khathuria who runs the popular YouTube channel ‘Kanak’s Kitchen’.