Neeraj Chopra’s Golden Touch; Invests in OTT “Stage” Growth Story

Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra has taken a leap beyond the field, venturing into the world of regional entertainment by investing in the indigenous language-driven OTT platform, Stage. The leadership of Stage proudly hail the platform as a bastion for India’s rich cultural tapestry, woven intricately with regional dialects and traditions.

Neeraj Chopra, speaking at the collaboration announcement, emphasized that his investment in Stage transcends a mere business pursuit. “Cultural preservation and pride in our roots are woven into our identities,” he stated. “Our association with Stage aims to revive dormant languages and empower every voice to uphold our cultural heritage authentically.”

Stage, boasting over 6 million installations and 550,000 paying subscribers, stands as a testament to the rising appetite for regionally rooted content. Vinay Singhal, CEO, and co-founder of Stage, expressed enthusiasm about Chopra’s involvement, recognizing it as a significant boost to their mission.

Neeraj Chopra’s Cultural Investment in Stage (a Blume Fund IV company)

Stage (a Blume Fund IV company) is building the gold-standard dialect-based video entertainment app for the next billion users in India (Bharat), an untapped Blue ocean of opportunities.

As the streaming landscape grapples with saturation from global players, smaller platforms catering to regional languages or specific genres find themselves at an advantageous position. Platforms like aha video, Planet Marathi, and OM TV assert that their tailored content for regional audiences has shielded them from budget cuts. Their approach of meticulously gauging the market has paid dividends, driving them to seek expansion and funding.

Acknowledging the challenge posed by international giants, these smaller players opt for tiered pricing models, offering diverse subscription plans to sustain amidst competition. They firmly believe that their niche-specific focus grants them a unique edge, distinct from the vast content libraries of global streaming behemoths.

In this landscape of evolving streaming preferences, the union between an athletic icon and a platform dedicated to preserving cultural narratives hints at a promising journey ahead, one where regional diversity and storytelling intertwine to redefine the digital entertainment space.

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