OYCHEF an App to Quickly Order Chef at Home Raises Rs. 2.5 Cr Seed Fund

Hyderabad Startup OYCHEF has launched a unique private chef at home service with a fine dining restaurant and quality cuisine experience. The startup has embarked on an expansion plan, and has secured Rs.2.5 Cr seed funding from GrowthStories and others.

The mobile app startup delivers GrowthStories, founded by serial entrepreneurs Sainath Goud Malkapuram, and Vinay Kotra, focuses on promoting new seed-stage ideas with a promising, sustainable business future.

Shri. Jayesh Ranjan, the Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT), Government of Telangana, formally launched OYCHEF, a private chef on-demand app in Hyderabad, which will be available for download in Google Play Store and the App Store.

The startup up, which has onboarded 45 Chefs has set an immediate target to add an additional 350 Chefs and 1000 freelancer Chefs, further expanding into Bangalore, and Goa by 2022. This expansion will be followed by entry into Mumbai/ Pune and Delhi by 2023. The company is also in talks with investors to raise another Rs. 10 Crores to fuel OYCHEF’s future growth plans which include adding 1000 freelancers to the platform.

Launching the OYCHEF app Shri. Jayesh Ranjan said succeeding in the fast-growing chef-at-home ecosystem, needs appealing, user-friendly apps and tech-enabled chef on-demand app services. With changing consumer expectations, food consumption behavior during the pandemic, startups like OYCHEF have unlocked as a major category, leading into new employment opportunities, and added economic contributors in cities like Hyderabad and others.”

“What made us commit to OYCHEF is their sustainable business model and the road map to create the largest Personal Chef marketplace on the web and to decentralize the culinary industry, make it accessible to all, help professional chefs grow, and reduce their financial dependence on restaurants.” GrowthStories Co-founders Vinay Kotra, and Sainath Goud Malkapuram who have joined OYCHEF board stated. Manoj Yadav, James Johnson, and Deepthi Dullur are the other directors on board for OYCHEF & Growth Stories.

“Every idea starts with a problem. Having first-hand knowledge of the hurdles faced by chefs at various levels in finding employment and sensing a unique opportunity from this experience, I pitched the idea to GrowthStories. With their enormous experience in developing ideas, they quickly understood the need to bridge this unaddressed gap and came on board.” Shruthi Reddy, Early-stage founder and ideator of OYCHEF app service says.

OYCHEF Service connects foodies and chefs of their choice that is affordable, accessible & easy to book for home and parties wherever you are. The startup follows a rigorous Chef onboarding process, and thoroughly checks the background of each chef, as the chef will directly be in touch with the women in the family and deep-down kitchen. OYCHEF Chefs brings South, North, West, East Indian as well as Inter-Continental Cuisines experience to its clients.

OYCHEF Services – What are the key features?

OYCHEF Founders at the launch of OYCHEF app

OYCHEF services are Ideal for private parties, events, and special occasions. The chef service starts as low as Rs. 300 per hour. One gets to choose their menu or select from pre-set menus on the OYCHEF platform. The services include customization with the best quality ingredients and catering to your preferred taste, quantities, and dietary restrictions.

OYCHEF is touted to become the Zomato for Chefs. The focus of the company is to offer both casual, and fine dining experiences at home. The Chefs are available on hire to prepare various meals for a few days, weeks, or even longer for your household.

The best thing about the service is that they do the cooking and clearing away, as the founders call it -The moment has come to spoil yourself, get OYCHEF to cater for you!

OYCHEF plans to also explore partnerships with big apartment complexes and other institutions to grow their business.

COVID19 Protocol: OYCHEF respectfully adheres to the guidelines applicable in every neighborhood. Every Chef from the OYCHEF family is fully vaccinated and works to the highest level of personal hygiene and is all trained in food hygiene. To know more about OYCHEF, visit https://oychef.com/

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