PULSUS Group ₹300Cr AI Hub for Pharma IT to Create 10000 Jobs

July 6, 2024: Hyderabad-based PULSUS Group has unveiled plans for a significant ₹300 crore AI-powered Pharma Healthcare IT Hub in Ameenpur, Telangana. This project holds promise within the Indian pharmaceutical industry and the creation of a significant number of high-value jobs.

The hub, with projections to generate 50,000 positions, will prioritize the integration of advanced artificial intelligence across the entire pharmaceutical value chain, encompassing drug discovery, development, and ultimately, healthcare delivery. This strategic focus aligns with the theme of the ongoing 73rd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress – “Role of Indian Pharma: For Global Wellbeing.”

“Our goal is to leverage AI to optimize processes, enhance the precision of drug development, and ultimately improve patient outcomes,” explained Dr. Srinubabu Gedela, CEO and Managing Director of PULSUS Group. This commitment to innovation positions Telangana as a potential leader in India’s evolving healthcare landscape.

Hyderabad based PULSUS Group’s Hub to Drive Pharma Innovation with AI

The project’s strategic positioning within the designated IT/ITeS Zone in Ameenpur, along with the support of the Telangana government and Software Technology Parks of India, strengthens its viability. This initiative builds upon Hyderabad’s established strengths – the city is already recognized as the “Bulk Drug Capital of India” and “Vaccine Capital of the World.”

PULSUS Group‘s hub signifies India’s growing focus on emerging as a global leader in healthcare innovation. The project is expected to generate a cascading effect, fostering a dynamic ecosystem for startups and attracting highly skilled professionals to the region. This development is a key watchpoint for those interested in the future of Indian healthcare and the rise of impactful startups within the sector.

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