Startup Kenko & Tata 1mg Forge Strong Healthcare Bond for Greater Access

Health Financing Startup Kenko Health, has announced a strategic partnership with Tata 1mg. The joint endeavor aims to set new standards in quality healthcare, make it more accessible and affordable across the nation, furthermore promising streamlined healthcare delivery services that put people’s well-being first.

Through this collaboration, Kenko Health is poised to consolidate and expand its influence, introducing a diverse array of vital medical products, wellness essentials, and cutting-edge healthcare devices through its new flagship offering, Shoho – The Kenko Store.

“Unlocking healthcare for all: Kenko Health and Tata 1mg’s game-changing partnership.” With these resounding words, Nikhil Behera, the Head of Business Operations at Kenko Health, expressed his enthusiasm for the alliance.

“This isn’t just a partnership; it’s a leap towards our shared vision of democratizing healthcare access. Kenko and Tata 1mg are pioneering not only the future of healthcare financing but also cultivating a happier and healthier society where indispensable healthcare products are within everyone’s reach.”

Kenko Health, Tata 1mg Partnership Highlights

Harnessing the expansive supply chain prowess of Tata 1mg, which spans over 20,000 postal codes, Kenko Health aims to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. By guaranteeing seamless and timely deliveries, the partnership aims to redefine customer satisfaction in the healthcare sphere.

Ambareesh Mandelia, Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Health & Wellness at Tata 1mg, emphasized the collaborative potential of the venture. “Through the convergence of our strengths and unique value propositions, we envision bolstering healthcare accessibility, affordability, and holistic well-being for millions of individuals and families. This partnership carries immense potential to drive positive transformations in the healthcare domain, championing the notion of a healthier and happier nation, where quality healthcare stands as an inherent right for all.”

Kenko Health, renowned for its innovative health financing solutions, is making waves in the industry by orchestrating sustainable financing models for the overlooked $250+ billion OPD market. This market segment, often sidelined by traditional insurance entities, is seeing revitalization through Kenko Health’s pioneering efforts. The startup recently secured a $12 million investment in its Series A funding round, led by esteemed investors Peak XV Partners (formerly known as Sequoia Capital India) in February 2023.

As Kenko Health and Tata 1mg forge ahead in their mission to democratize healthcare, their partnership is set to become a beacon of transformation, reshaping healthcare accessibility and quality for all corners of India.

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