Mexico Calling, Startup Cellestial E Mobility to Launch its e-Tractor in a Big Way

Startup Cellestial E Mobility, the manufacturers of India’s first Electric Tractors, seek to change the way the world approaches industrial automobiles by establishing a footprint in Mexico. Cellestial E-Mobility unveiled the eTractors in March 2020, equipped with advanced features which are whisper quiet, incredibly economical to operate, cause zero emissions, and have extremely low maintenance costs.

As part of its global expansion strategy Cellestial E-Mobility, makers of India’s first e-tractor for the Agri, Airport GSE and Goods Carrier sector, has announced today it has forged a marketing, sales distribution partnership with Mexican Company Grupo Marvelsa. The 30-year-old Mexican partner will bring into the deal its strength of 2500 dealership network, 800 authorised service centres, and a fleet of 35 Vehicle units.

Making the announcement Siddhartha Durairajan, Founder and CEO of Cellestial E Mobility said “We found tremendous strategic and International marketing synergy with Grupo Marvelsa, besides, export sales. Further, we are exploring to leverage Mexico’s manufacturing power to produce our e-tractor and sell to the local market as well as create a base to serve North-American eTractor markets.”

Cellestial e-tractors are true workhorses that will revolutionise any market that they are introduced into through its cutting-edge battery technology, innovative smart-functionality, and robust engineering. It has PTO, Hydraulics, 4-wheel drive and other parameters that are comparable with the Diesel Tractors.

Startup Cellestial E Mobility to Introduce its E Tractors in Mexico Agri Market

Startup Cellestial E Mobility
Startup Cellestial E Mobility e tractor forays into Mexico in a big way

“Initially we target to sell 4,000 e-tractors in the Mexican market over the next 3 years. Our foray into the Mexico market will open doors to tap into profitable North American Markets” Siddhartha added.

We will continue to hold the position of dominance as India’s first electric tractor along with making a global mark. We have already crossed an order book of 1800 tractors, Cellestial E Mobility Founder Siddhartha added.

Diego Iturrioz, Co-Managing Director at Grupo Marvelsa, stated, “It’s a wonderful and growing segment to get into and the tractor industry is a big market in Mexico. We firmly believe it is a win-win partnership for both, and we welcome Cellestial eMobility -The first electric tractor into the Mexico market.”

Cellestial E-Mobility began its operations in May 2019 armed with an investment from a Singapore-based angel investor.

Tube Investment of India Ltd, part of the diversified product Murugappa conglomerate worth USD $ 5.56 Billion, has agreed to acquire around 70% controlling stake in Cellestial E-Mobility for an investment of 21.5 million USD. This partnership further strengthens the strategic growth of the company and expands its networks.

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