Corning to Invest ₹934 Cr in Telangana to Set Up New Gorilla Glass Production Plant

September 2, 2023: Corning, one of the world’s leaders in material sciences has decided to invest in Telangana to setup a manufacturing plant to make Gorilla Glass for smartphones, for the first time in India in Telangana.

Investment size of ₹934 Crore will employ 800 people but more importantly a strategic investment in manufacturing for smartphones and other electronic devices

Telangana’s IT Minister KT Rama Rao a in meeting with John Bayne, Senior VP, Ravikumar, Global Operations Executive, and Sarah Cartmell, Director Govt Affairs announced this during his current visit to the US.

According to Corning , their materials science discoveries have changed the way people communicate, learn, and enjoy life; they’ve cleaned the air and enabled new medicines. Each generation builds on the knowledge of those who have come before — and with each new discovery, more doors open, making the life-enhancing applications nearly limitless.

Corning’s markets include mobile consumer electronics, optical communications, automotive technologies, life sciences technologies, and display technologies.

What is Corning Speciality Glass?

First created as early as 2000 B.C. in the form of decorative beads, glass has long been the standard material for containers, windows, and other essential items in daily life. The vast majority of glass produced in the world remains in this category — mostly from similar soda-lime compositions with a focus on low-cost mass production.

Advanced glass, on the other hand, applies science to the craft of glassmaking. Deep research, relentless experimentation, and constant innovation help improve scientists’ understanding of the fundamental nature of glass down to the molecular level. In so doing, they can exploit the versatility of the material and offer glass-based solutions to some of industry’s toughest problems.

It wasn’t until companies like Corning began investing in dedicated research and development that advanced glass solutions became a powerful force in shaping industries and transforming lives.

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