Here is the Key to Women’s Entrepreneurial Success, Experts Assert

Women’s Entrepreneurial Success hinges on Navigating Funding Challenges Amidst Gender Role Struggles, Say Leaders. They also asserted, the importance of Inclusive Workspaces and Equal Opportunities.

However, Women entrepreneurs continue to face hurdles in securing funding while juggling the demands of entrepreneurship within the constraints of traditional gender roles, according to insights shared by leading business figures on the occasion of Women Entrepreneur Day celebrated on November 19. The collective wisdom highlighted the importance of creating inclusive work environments and addressing critical areas to empower women in leadership roles.

Somdutta Singh, CEO of Assiduus Global and an advisor to Niti Aayog, highlighted the significant challenge of funding for women entrepreneurs while balancing traditional gender roles within entrepreneurial spheres.

Singh emphasized, “Historically, many business networks have been male-dominated, making it harder for women to access key connections and opportunities.” Her focus remains on fostering diverse and inclusive work environments and building networks that support women in entrepreneurship, advocating for equal funding opportunities and more equitable resource distribution.

Shaili Chopra, founder of SheThePeopleTV and, echoed Singh’s sentiments, stressing the need for creating more avenues for women to enter the workforce. Chopra emphasized, “This involves not only promoting equal opportunities but also addressing key areas such as healthcare, financial autonomy, and inclusive dialogue.” Her initiatives aim to build a community-centric platform, fostering a sisterhood economy where women take the lead and make a substantial impact.

Vipanchi Handa, chief product officer at Novatr, shared her personal journey from corporate challenges to venturing into entrepreneurship. Handa recounted experiences in male-dominated industries like construction, where she faced confirmation bias from male counterparts while executing directives.

Shreedha Singh, CEO and co-founder of The Ayurveda Co., emphasized her entrepreneurial journey’s genesis, rooted in overcoming familial and financial obstacles. Singh asserted, “My vision to start T.A.C – The Ayurveda Co. began after overcoming family and financial struggles.”

Inclusive Workspaces and Equal Opportunities: Key to Women’s Entrepreneurial Success

Offering insights into effective leadership, and the secret for Women’s Entrepreneurial Success, Upasana Dash, founder of Jajabors Brand Consultancy, highlighted the importance of delegating tasks once proficiency is achieved. Dash shared her perspective, remarking, “Business was almost shadow-banned for seven generations from where I come, more so for women in families in the eastern part of India.” Dash underscored the existing gaps in business metrics and leadership opportunities for women, drawn from her industry experience.

These narratives around women’s entrepreneurial success underscore the multi-dimensional challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and the collective efforts advocated by business leaders to address these issues. Their commitment to advocating for inclusivity, equal opportunities, and the creation of supportive networks resonates as a testament to their dedication in empowering and enabling women in the entrepreneurial landscape.

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