India’s DoT Seeks Proposals to Establish Quantum Standards and Protocols

July 7, 2024: New Delhi, July 7, 2024 – The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued a nationwide call for proposals under the banner of “Quantum Standardization and Testing Labs,” inviting participation from Indian academic and research institutions. This initiative demonstrate a strong thrust for advancing quantum technologies within the country, aimed at enhancing digital security and communication capabilities.

The primary objective of these proposed labs is to accelerate research and development in quantum technologies, ensuring the interoperability, reliability, and security of quantum communication systems. By fostering collaboration between quantum technology developers, testing equipment manufacturers, and academic researchers, the labs are poised to become epicenters of innovation.

In alignment with the vision of ‘Jai Anushandhan’, championed by the Prime Minister, this initiative underscores India’s commitment to self-reliance in cutting-edge technologies. It seeks to establish global benchmarks in quantum communication, setting new standards for secure and efficient data transmission.

DoT Quantum Standards Labs to Validate Cutting-Edge Technologies

Objectives of the Proposed Labs
Quantum Standardization: The labs aim to establish benchmarks and protocols crucial for integrating quantum communication elements into current and future networks. This includes quantum key distribution systems, state analyzers, optical fibers, and other essential components.

Testing Facilities: Robust testing facilities will be developed to validate quantum concepts, devices, and applications developed by Indian entities. These facilities will ensure that quantum technologies meet national and international standards, fostering their safe and effective deployment across sectors such as healthcare, education, and finance.

Accessibility and Affordability: The labs will be accessible to industry stakeholders, startups, and local telecom players at a nominal fee, promoting widespread adoption and benefiting a broad spectrum of users.

  • Technologies for Testing:
  • Single Photon and Entangled Photon Sources
  • Single Photon Detectors (superconducting nanowire SPDs, avalanche photodiodes)
  • Quantum Memories and Repeaters
  • Quantum Communication Modules (QKD, quantum teleportation, free-space quantum communications)
  • Trusted and Untrusted Nodes, among others relevant to quantum communication.
  • Submission Details:
  • Interested parties are encouraged to submit proposals by August 5, 2024. Detailed submission guidelines and requirements can be found on the DoT website or by contacting the TTDF program office at TTDF.

This initiative not only supports the growth of indigenous quantum technology solutions but also positions India as a frontrunner in setting global standards for quantum communication. By harnessing the potential of quantum technologies, the nation aims to transform everyday communication, bolster digital security, and drive innovation across various sectors.

For further inquiries and to contribute to shaping India’s quantum future, visit the DoT website or contact the TTDF program office.

Department of Telecommunications (DoT)
TTDF Program Office:

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