iNurture Raises $15M to set up new CoE, expand NEP Ready Edu Programs

iNurture Raises $15M to set up new CoE, expand NEP Ready Edu Programs

Edtech player, iNurture Education Solutions has raised $15 million, from ADM Capital to accelerate the growth of its NEP-ready (National Education Policy 2020) programmes, widen its ‘Centres of Excellence’ model across university partners in India and augment its technology stack for student placement.

ADM Capital has also acquired Ventureast’s stake in iNurture, facilitating a complete secondary exit, as a part of this transaction.

“With the ongoing disruption in the higher education space, iNurture is in pole position to take advantage of this great opportunity to accelerate growth, and further strengthen its global education network,” the company stated.

iNurture claims to have enrolled over 15,000 students under its programs

Presently, the firm has partnerships with over 30 university campuses across India, offering over 50 programmes on campus, and has more than 15,000 students enrolled in these differentiated programmes.

iNurture Education has also forged partnerships with global universities providing programmes in Design, Digital Business, Sports, Luxury and Hospitality Management including several courses in emerging technologies.

“Having established a profitable growth trajectory, our efforts in the last few years have been to strengthen our offerings in the online space, especially focused on student employability, through a robust technology infrastructure and effective academic constructs as well as powering the Smart University model through implementation of Centres of Excellence across our University partner network,” said Ashwin Ajila, Founder and Managing Director of iNurture.

The new investment has come through a combination of debt and equity from ADM Capital, an investment firm with a focus on financing growth, cross border transactions, acquisitions and special opportunities across the Asia Pacific region.