VLSID 2023 Startups Challenge: Anscer Robotics and Lightspeed Photonics Crowned Winners

Hyderabad, India – VLSID 2023 Startups Competition concluded on Friday evening in Hyderabad with a tie for first place between Anscer Robotics and Lightspeed Photonics. The VLSID 2023 Startups competition featured a variety of innovative startups from around the world, all vying for the top spot.

Anscer Robotics, an Indian-based company, creates autonomous mobile robots that are used in warehouses and other indoor environments to autonomously move various types of payload in an extremely cost-efficient way. The company’s website is www.anscer.com.

Lightspeed Photonics, on the other hand, creates a Free Space Optical Interconnect that enables high-speed connections in high-performance computing systems at dramatically lower power consumption and high scalability.

“We wanted to have this startup Forum where we could identify startups, which are trying to do new Chips, new subsystems of the chip, which is intellectual property components of a chip, Innovative way of connectivity, like, photonics. And embedded systems, where there is a hardware component to something new,” said Venkatesh Narasimhan, one of the conference organizers and chair of the Startup Forum and Senior Engineering Director at Silicon Labs.

The startups collectively pitched for Rs. 50 Cr in funding. The 2023 VLSI Design Conference organizers are confident that the discussion between the startups and investors will culminate into a bonding in the near future. The jury comprised Srini Chandupatla, Vice President of TiE Hyderabad; Ajay Jain, Managing Partner of Silverneedle Ventures Fund; and Shashi Reddy, head of the Qualcomm Hyderabad Design Centre.

VLSID 2023 Startups Challenge – Notable Names

Other notable startups at the 2023 VLSI Design Conference included HSOL Biomed, who have developed a temporary pacemaker used during cardiac surgery at a 80% lesser cost than other options available today. Anew Design Automation also presented their software product, which accelerates electronic system design and maintains it through its lifecycle.

Vasbeam Pvt. Ltd showcased their next generation antenna system that allows internet connectivity through satellites, which is also a part of the Make in India initiative. Cyrrup Solutions, manufacture ultrasonic sensors using piezoelectric ceramic to detect diesel theft in heavy commercial vehicles. Rapture Innovation Labs presented their premium headphone driven by patented technology that enables listener’s to not just hear music but also feel it by using a combination of air, bone and skin conduction principles.

Vanix Technologies presented their fully customized FPGA and SoC-based hardware-software systems, offering Indigenous & AI enabled FPGA-embedded solutions for multi-verticals such as Defense, EVs, solar, Communication, healthcare and Surveillance. amPICQ, developed photonic integrated circuits for next generation computing and communication applications.

Sumedha IT, is setting up Semiconductor Innovation labs in Universities and Colleges across India, to bring up the engineering workforce the industry needs. MachineWare Gmbh, a German startup presented their advanced RISC-V processor simulator.

It will be interesting to see how these companies continue to grow and impact their respective industries in the future.

VLSID 2023 Design Conference – Highlights

The three-day VLSID 2023 conference, which focused on the semiconductor industry, was a huge success with over 1600 registrations and 63 booths from 43 companies. The conference featured 25 companies sponsoring the event, and there were 282 papers submitted to the TPC committee, resulting in 54 papers and 17 posters across 13 tracks.

The best paper award was won by researchers from IIT Mumbai for their work on wireless air quality monitoring. Additionally, there was a design contest with 75 submissions and a user design track with 88 submissions. The event also featured 17 keynote speakers from various countries and the Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Dr. Satya Gupta.

The VLSID 2023 conference discussed the latest trends in the semiconductor industry, specifically in the areas of telecommunication, 5G, electric vehicles, and security and surveillance.

VLSI Industry Poised for Growth with Electric Vehicles and 5G Technology

“Semiconductors will be a major gainer from the growth of electric vehicles and 5G technology. With more electronic parts and a greater need for security in these industries, the future of the VLSI industry looks promising.”

This statement from Sanjay Churiwala, General Chair, and Corporate Vice President AMD, highlights the potential for growth in the world of electric vehicles and 5G technology, and how semiconductors will play a crucial role in these industries. Electric vehicles have a lot of electronics in them and very few mechanical parts, making it a prime area for growth in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, 5G technology requires semiconductors for data capture, connectivity, storage, and processing, making it another area of growth for the VLSI industry. With the increasing importance of security in these industries, the demand for semiconductors in electric vehicles and 5G technology is expected to continue to rise.

Semiconductor Industry Conference Draws Huge Turnout and Discusses Latest Trends

The conference discussed the latest trends in the semiconductor industry, specifically in the areas of telecommunication, 5G, electric vehicles, and security+ surveillance. The underlying theme of these trends is the use of semiconductors for data capture, connectivity, storage, and processing.

Despite concerns about the semiconductor industry’s future due to the China situation, governments around the world are making semiconductors a priority in their strategies, and India has also implemented a semiconductor policy to boost the semiconductor industry. The conference highlighted the promising future of the semiconductor industry and the important role it plays in various industries.

The event organisers also announced the VLSI 2024 will be held in Kolkata with the theme “ VLSI meets AI and Quantum for cyber physical systems”

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