Startup BookMyChef New On-Demand Catering App to Bridge Industry Gap

Startup BookMyChef New On-Demand Catering App to Bridge Industry Gap

Hyderabad based startup BookMyChef (BMC) has announced the launch of a new mobile platform for on-demand chef and hospitality services. The app is designed to solve the catering industry struggles to meet the needs of food lovers and small event hosts, resulting in limited options for consumers.

The new on-demand app now available on Android and iOS platform brings professional chefs to customers’ kitchens, providing a unique culinary experience. With this app, the startup aims not only to help customers enjoy delicious, personalized food, cut down on ecological footprint, and support hospitality professionals who are vulnerable to market situations.

“Our mission is to provide a platform for chefs to showcase their interpersonal skills and connect with people who want to savour good food at home. We also want to promote sustainable practices by reducing plastic waste and offering healthy, wellness-integrated food options. At the same time, we aim to create additional income opportunities for hospitality professionals who have been severely affected by the pandemic.” Shankar Krishnamurthy, Co- Founder of BookMyChef said.

The Unique Features of BookMyChef (BMC)

The booking process for this on demand service is simple, where the user needs to register and verify their account. After that, they will need to enter their event date, time, number of guests, and choice of cuisine. The app will then show the user a menu, which the user can choose as per their taste. Before checkout, the user can also opt for additional services for their event, such as a server or a bartender.

The user then pays the booking charges. Once the payment is done, BookMyChef will confirm the booking after assigning a chef to the user. Chefs are compensated as per the effort being made, and their charges are based on the number of items and the number of guests.

The company follows a thorough vetting process for all of its chefs, which includes a background check, a review of their culinary training and experience, and including a practical cooking test.

Startup BookMyChef Chalks out promising growth plans

BookMyChef unveils the future of on demand catering industry -startupstars
BookMyChef chalks out expansion plans to offer services in new cities, the app is disruptive and serves the entire catering eco-system

Currently, the MVP (Minimum Viable Product – Beta Version) of the app features four cuisines, including Continental, Oriental, North Indian and South Indian. Users can choose a cuisine and select up to ten items for service and book an event for up to 20 guests. There is no minimum order quantity. Users can also book additional professionals like bartenders, service staff, and cleaners as add-on services at the checkout for stress free celebrations at affordable prices. Users can choose to arrange the ingredients themselves or ask BookMyChef to source them for additional charges.

Post-MVP features of the BookMyChef app include a range of chefs such as celebrity chefs, premium chefs, regional artisan chefs, and multi-cuisine chefs. Users can choose up to three different cuisines from a single chef, opt for a pre-set menu curated by handpicked chefs, and subscribe to chefs for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. BookMyChef is also set to release a new feature which allows the Users to book chefs for the same day in the next version of the app. Very soon BookMyChef is also introducing a Mobile Kitchen concept which will allow Users to book Chefs for larger gathering size.

Going forward the company will launch its services in Mumbai and Delhi on a pilot basis before establishing a full-fledged operation.

BookMyChef is bootstrapped by Founders Pramod Reddy, Varun Reddy along with Co-Founder Chef Shankar of Fusion 9 fame. Soon after idea validation, they raised a pre-series round of Rs. 2 Cr from Ganga Kaveri Ventures, Ronit Reddy and UV Creations Fund, Vikram Reddy – who are permanent members of the board. The management is entirely focused on their upcoming market release in 100 days.

BookMyChef was recently selected for India’s longest running seed accelerated program – Lab32’s 10th Cohort, curated by T-Hub.

BookMyChef is now available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. For more information, please visit