Endiya Partners, Lightspeed Lead Scrut Automation New $3Million Seed Funding

Endiya Partners, Lightspeed Lead Scrut Automation New $3 Million Seed Funding

Scrut Automation is on a growth spree, to further fuel its global expansion ambitions it has secured $3 million in seed funding from Lightspeed and Endiya Partners. The funds will be used to expand operations in the US, EU, and Asia, enhance automation capabilities, and create the largest marketplace for information security (Infosec) resources like auditors, subject matter experts and penetration testers.

“Managing compliance towards the latest Infosec global standards and responding to Enterprise Infosec assessments are the most painful parts of a CTO’s job. Our approach is to combine technology with human expertise to cover even the edge cases, and thus offload most of the compliance-related work from the CTO’s table, so that they can focus on building the business and not worry about compliance.” said Aayush Ghosh Choudhury, co-founder and CEO, Scrut.

Founded in 2021, Scrut’s mission is to be a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), reducing the CTOs and compliance teams’ effort in managing iInfosec compliance by ~70% and offering a single window to access all external infosec resources like auditors and penetration testers, said the company.

Information security compliance is taking a centerstage in most software ecosystems, global end-user spend on information security and risk is expected to reach over $220 billion in the next 5 years, a recent Gartner study showed.

With clients across India, Singapore and the US, Scrut automates a bulk of labor-intensive compliance tasks by integrating with the most-often used cloud and SaaS tools and automatically collecting hundreds of evidence artifacts, which would otherwise take weeks to collect.

Dev Khare, partner at Lightspeed, said, “We are excited to back the Scrut team given their deep combined experience of over ten years in information security and compliance management with over 3000 assessments across every imaginable compliance use case. We are confident that their full-stack compliance and security offering will help fast-growing companies globally accelerate revenue growth.”

“Information Security Compliance is a must-have for enterprises as well as mid-size IT/ITeS/SaaS companies globally. A One-Stop-Shop SaaS Platform like Scrut that automates compliance-related collaboration, controls, and monitoring, is finding resonance with CTOs and compliance teams worldwide. With deep-domain experience in the info-sec space, we are excited to partner with the Scrut team in building a global SaaS business from India,” said Sateesh Andra of Endiya Partners

With strong existing traction across markets, and an office in India, Scrut Automation’s future plans include expanding operations & hiring in the US and other global markets.