World Food India: Telangana’s Millet Incubation Center Sows the Seeds for Startup Growth

World Food India: Telangana's Millet Incubation Center Sows the Seeds for Startup Growth

Hyderabad, Telangana – September 15, 2023: The Hyderabad World Food India Summit 2023 has sparked many interesting initiatives. The event held on Firday witnessed a dynamic convergence of innovation and agriculture experts, entreprenuers, policy makers in the run up to the World Food India 2023 summit to be held in New Delhi 3-5th November 2023.

The highlight of the Hyderabad event was the announcement of the Telangana’s Millet Incubation Center which took the center stage. With a mission to bolster the entrepreneurial spirit and cultivate promising startups, this pioneering incubation center is sowing the seeds of growth in the heart of India’s food revolution. As a land of opportunity, it is poised to redefine the landscape of agricultural entrepreneurship and propel the nation’s startup ecosystem to new heights.

The Millet Incubation Center, beckoning startups and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to embark on an entrepreneurial journey that promises innovation and growth. The center, supported by the Prime Minister Formalization of Micro Food Processing Enterprises (PMFME) Scheme, is not just a hub for ideas; it’s a launchpad for success.

Millet Incubation Center, Telangana: Fueling Innovation and Nurturing Entrepreneurs:

The Telangana Millet Incubation Center is a testament to the state’s commitment to innovation in the food sector. Equipped with state-of-the-art processing facilities, it offers a wide range of resources to help entrepreneurs bring their culinary dreams to life. From primary and secondary millet processing to extrusion lines for vermicelli, pasta, and noodles, the center covers all aspects of food production.

But that’s not all. With bakery lines and a puffing line, it’s a hotbed for creativity, allowing startups and MSMEs to explore millets’ versatility in a myriad of ways. Plus, an investment of Rs. 268.76 Lakhs from the Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) signifies the state’s unwavering support for the future food leaders.

MILLET-PLUS: A New Era in Nutritional Innovation

Millet, often referred to as ‘nutri-cereals,’ is the star of the show at this incubation center. With its exceptional nutritional content, including calcium, zinc, iron, and a low glycemic index, millets have captured the imagination of health-conscious consumers. The Millet Incubation Center takes this nutritional powerhouse and transforms it into a culinary delight.

Under the brand “MILLET-PLUS,” the center introduces technology for value-added products like biscuits, pasta, noodles, and more. It’s not just about producing food; it’s about creating a healthier, tastier future.

Join the Telangana Pavilion at World Food India Summit 2023: Your Gateway to Success

Telangana’s innovation doesn’t stop at the Millet Incubation Center. The state is ready to welcome startups and MSMEs to showcase their products and innovations at the Telangana Pavilion during the upcoming World Food India event in New Delhi from November 3rd to 5th, 2023. It’s an opportunity to put your brand on the global map and network with industry leaders.

But time is of the essence; the deadline for submissions is October 10, 2023. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this culinary revolution.

The Telangana Millet Incubation Center isn’t just a place to work; it’s a place to dream, innovate, and succeed. With cutting-edge facilities and a supportive ecosystem, it’s the ideal launchpad for startups and MSMEs in the food processing sector. So, don’t wait. Join the Telangana Pavilion, be part of the innovation wave, and take your food business to new heights. The future of food starts here.